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Nov 11, 2012 2:00pm EST
define it as a dismal failure. i think it was as dismal as john kerry. the difference between romney losing and bush winning is just the democratic shift in the country from 2004-2012. looking that where the republicans go, again and, the best way to approach this is to try to figure out how you deal with the key groups. with the help of todd akin and mourdock, you look. there are small parts. immigration and his veering onto the right and his unwillingness to have a discussion with latino voters. and then with african-american voters, all the talk about voter suppression or democrats trying to keep to increase the turnover tremendously. >> i would be really interested to hear on some of this. one, in the primary, and one in the general were a thought, "really?" in the debate with rick perry, he attacked rick perry and moved to the right of him for signing a dream act in texas. that would have been the first one. it may have worked in the primary but it had long-term consequences. the second was saying more than once he was going to get rid of planned parenthood. one in four or one i
Nov 10, 2012 10:00am EST
announcement or if there is an announcement that john kerry going to be named secretary of state, in which case there will be a special election down the road for that senate seat, and you will see scott brown become the great conciliator as he prepares for the election. for others, they will continue to take their clues from what the leaders say or what the members do. there the question is whether mcconnell basically becomes at least a more passive actor and lets lamar alexander and bob corker and tom coburn take the lead and do something that he will oppose in the end, because he is mindful of 2014, as tom said. or whether you do not get that kind of impact and mcconnell works overtime to yank his members back into a tougher negotiating position. if that is the case, we go right over the cliff. >> i think mitch mcconnell will not be able to sustain unified republican support behind filibusters. >> over the long, it may work in the lame-duck session, but it is no longer possible. but norm's scenario of the quiet person in the back speaking to kentucky and allowing others to come forward
Nov 11, 2012 10:30am EST
the other side, howard dean revolutionized the use of the web. john kerry went forward on that aspect. but boy, the bush campaign had it going. in 2008, the mccain campaign was up and down. the organization after its, what they had in 2004 was lost in 2008. it had to be rebuilt by the romney campaign, but only after their able to get the republican nomination in april. it was late in part because of super pacs, which kept the process going much longer than it ever normally goes. as long as you and i have been watching this and before that, when a candidate started losing primaries, other donors close their checkbooks. you run out of money and you drop out of the race. what is happening is, they kept gingrinch going for a while. that is super pacs. the process went longer and longer. romney had to go so much further and longer -- here is a guy who is probably by nature -- when we met for him when he ran for the senate in 1994, that is where he was. non-ideological, problem-solving guy. he has to run so much longer and further to the right than he ever dreamed and in part because of the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3